2021 marked the seventh year of my divorce litigation. Three years after the judgement of divorce was signed, I am still dealing with its aftermath. My divorce was characterized by corruption, greed and injustice. It seems that I had to face all the “evil” of human nature. Abuse extended from the domestic walls to bullying by neighbors and even by people once I thought were friends. My world fell into the “rabbit hole” while I developed Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS), a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. LAS was caused by intimidation a former judge who left her office after…

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic life changes to the worldwide population. The global economy has been shaken, so are our social interactions. Terms like “social distancing”, “virtual meeting”, “working remotely” have become part of our vocabulary. While the world is slowly returning to—or even only planning—a lifestyle pre-pandemic, the lesson taught by COVID-19 is not learned. The reopening of the economy focuses on returning to the economic growth, mainly based on consumerism and greatly contributing to the environmental crisis, which seemed to have slow down due to the change of lifestyle brought by the pandemic.

A positive transformation, directly…

July 9 is the sad anniversary of one of the numerous appearances in the New York Civil Supreme Court for my divorce case, aka 306769/15. It is an anniversary that reminds me of how corruption, privilege and injustice prevail and how a broken court system has taken control of an important art and educational project to which I have devoted almost two decades: Sun Farm.

On July 8 2019, I unexpectedly learned that a court appearance was scheduled for the following day. The notification was not through the official channels, but from an email by the WebCivil Supreme Court I…

daniela bertol

I am a research artist, scholar, author, inventor, designer and…survivor of bullying and domestic abuse. Creativity and yoga are a survival means to challenges.

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